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    First off, let me start off by saying that this was a very technical experience for me. As one of my first projects at GoldenComm, thebruerystore.com proved to be a challenge for me. I had a list of hurdles to overcome personally: I didn’t know anything about C# What’s ASPdotNetStoreFront? What’s an XML Package?! XML?! what? and lastly, the deadline. I’m sure there were more but these were the main things that I had to overcome in order to achieve a successful launch. I had 4 days. Luckily for me, GoldenComm is full of highly talented people that made themselves available to help me through most of these hurdles. I spent the first day just researching C# (I’m primarily a PHP guy) and trying to understand Read More…

  • Beerception!


    I love the tilt! One of the coolest things about working at a place that has like minded people that not only get along well but actually enjoy working with eachother is that the hi-jinks carry over even when you get home from a long day at work. I think the past three months at Goldencomm have been great. But every day that I’ve been at this new company has literally been hustle and code. Long days don’t end at the office. There have been many a night that I’ve been super tired but still continuing on projects that I know need to be finished. Knowing that someone else besides my own ego is depending on the completion of said projects pushes me through the night. Tonight Read More…

  • I’ve been vectorfied!

    A Benson Giang creation

    I started a new job last year in October. January 1st marked the completion of my first three months at GoldenComm. This is actually my first ever job as a professional web designer and developer. I’ve worked with one other firm before that, but I feel that this is actually a job that I won’t be ashamed to put on my resume nor a job that I will ever be just stuck at. This feels more like home. During my first three months there, I quickly developed a reputation for being quick with projects assigned to me by project managers. This isn’t a bad thing. I don’t think that anyone that ever gets the title of “quick” would ever complain. The tinsy bitsy problem that I have Read More…

  • Jeffrey’s Boldly Going Nowhere

    Jeffrey's Boldly Going Nowhere

    A few months back I was a lowly freelancer looking for a job. While updating my resume, I realized that I had not updated my portfolio in a long time and needed to have something fresh in there to talk about during prospective interviews. Most of the work I have done has almost always been with WordPress as the CMS. But I had never really done a full blown blog that utilized WordPress to its capacity. I had never done much with archiving, comments, search and search results (lame I know). While casually perusing Reddit‘s front page, I found a post about Jeffrey Fisher. He had created an observatory with this dad over the summer of 2012 and had shared some photos of the progress from Read More…

  • jQuery Ui Datepicker with custom range selector

    jQuery Datepicker date range tutorial

    Introduction Jquery Ui’s Datepicker is a great plugin to use to give the user a better experience when having them do something as simple as pick a date. Having an actual calendar in front of you is obviously much easier than having a user write in the date. With the datepicker plugin, you have a few less things to worry about; you no longer have  to worry about proper date format. A while ago I had a project that required a user to pick two dates. The app I was working on allowed tenants from an apartment to request a temporary parking permit for their guests and they needed to pick a start and end date. Simple as that. My dilemma was that the start date had Read More…