Jeffrey's Boldly Going Nowhere

December 2, 2012 Blog WordPress

Jeffrey's boldly going nowhere

A few months back I was a lowly freelancer looking for a job. While updating my resume, I realized that I had not updated my portfolio in a long time and needed to have something fresh in there to talk about during prospective interviews. Most of the work I have done has almost always been with Wordpress as the CMS. But I had never really done a full blown blog that utilized Wordpress to its capacity. I had never done much with archiving, comments, search and search results (lame I know).

While casually perusing Reddit's front page, I found a post about Jeffrey Fisher. He had created an observatory with this dad over the summer of 2012 and had shared some photos of the progress from start to finish. After going through every photo, I found myself looking through his website and noticed that it needed help. He had been creating HTML pages for every post he created on his online journal. This is something that anyone who has ever blogged knows is the extremely hard way of doing things. Jeffrey needed to be introduced to Wordpress.

I offered my services for free. After a few messages back and forth, I came up with a comp and simple mock-up. Jeffrey's Space Theme was on its way to becoming a reality. Making a theme from scratch was sort of tough. Custom menu walkers, custom post types, custom loops, custom templates the list goes on. All of these things were new to me. I was able to make thing easy for Jeffrey by creating custom featured slider and latest post carousel on the home page that are all dynamic as well as custom post types for quotes from famous astronomers that randomize as the page refreshes.

Jeffrey's Space Theme was definitely a stepping stone for me in 2012. It helped me teach myself proper handling of Wordpress file structures and theme development. I have nothing else to say other than thank you to Jeffrey for allowing me (a stranger from the internet) to design and develop a Wordpress theme for his website.