Hello, my name is Adrian Ortega.

I'm an experienced LAMP stack and Front end Developer, father of three beautiful children and recently, I became a Magento Certified developer — Developer Plus is next!

I've been working with web technologies for quite some time now — it's my hobby and passion. This has made me an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySql. I also dabble in C#, ASP.Net and SQL. My background in languages allows me to apply my passion for making ideas into actual web applications and services. In recent years I took to teaching web development and how to use web applications like Kentico, WordPress and Magento.

If you're looking for a PHP Developer, Front end Developer or a designer, you're in luck! Drop me a line below and lets get started.

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Take a look around my site, check out some posts, my Bitbucket repos, GitHub account or some of my pens!

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